It's just that I didn't realize he was in pain. When you suffer, you should say so. I can't do that stuff. You know what I'm like.

-- Kaleb

The protagonist, Kaleb, is a young man either in his late teens or early twenties who made money formerly by dealing drugs and now sells shoes. He lives with his sister Manon and their mother has died before the story starts.

(When it became clear that spiders were killing people, it took him a long time to admit that his spider could be responsible. But he eventually does try to make things right.)

In fact, I liked how the people in the apartment (forced often in a small, dirty space like the spiders forced into the air vents by poison) all cared for each other. At one point Kaleb accuses his sister of not caring about their neigbors even though the neighbors were friends with their mother and cared for them.